Sunday, April 13, 2014


I love reading empties posts, but I never planned on writing one, simply because I usually throw the packaging away when it's empty. But last week I saw all this empty stuff lying on our washing machine (oops) and decided I want to write my first empties post. It's just a bunch of basic products I use on a regular basis.

1. Balea - Creme Seife Meeres-rauschen
So this one is a basic hand soap - it's cheap, but not very moisturising and I got sick of the smell before we used it. I won't buy it again.

2. Balea - Totes Meer Salz Dusche
One of Balea's many shower gels. I usually quite like them but this one irritated my skin and left it feeling dry. I won't buy it again.

3. Balea - Rasier Gel
Shaving gel that transforms into foam. It's cheap, does the job and smells good. Also, it lasted me a long time. I'll buy it again.

4. Dontodent - Mundspülung
A basic mouthwash. I use it occasionally and this one is a regular buy. I'm already using another bottle.

5. Bionsen - Intimo Lenitivo
I'm very satisfied with this intimate shower gel - it's gentle, smells nice and doesn't irritate me (before I used Lactacyd and Jessa, but this one is way better). I already bought another one.

6. CL Deo-Kristall Soft Stick
Both me and my dear are using this for more than 2 years (we both have sensitive skin) and we love it. It's a deodorant in a soft stick form, almost unscented (very subtle) and good for sensitive skin. Before I started using it I had problems with clogged underarm pores (so painful) and this deo helped me 100%.


  1. this post is great. Thanks for your review ;) it is very helpful

  2. Thanks, I'll try to write more reviews. :)

  3. Replies
    1. Ja jaz tudi, ampak je težko dejansko kaj porabit, poleg teh basic produktov. ;)