Thursday, December 18, 2014

Eating in NYC

Kako naj strnem v eno objavo šestnajst nepozabnih dni v New Yorku? Težko.
Pred skoraj tremi tedni sem se vrnila iz prvega potovanja čez lužo in Ljubljana je kar naenkrat postala sivo in tiho mesto. Morda se sliši grdo, ampak v dveh tednih se ravno navadiš na konstanten hrup, zavijanje siren, ogromne osvetljene plakate, neverjetno gnečo in na splošno, na samo velikost mesta in stavb. Sprememba je resnično šokantna in prvih nekaj dni v New Yorku sem doživljala v pospešenem posnetku, vse okrog mene se je odvijalo veliko prehitro. Sama velikost in utrip mesta te izčrpata - pešačenje dobi popolnoma drug pomen kot v Ljubljani, kjer je praktično vse 15 minut hoje stran in karta za podzemno je v New Yorku obvezna, če si želiš resnično ogledati mesto. Ampak ne razumite me narobe, uživala sem vsako minuto! Želela sem samo prikazati kako takšno mesto izgleda skozi oči nekoga, ki živi v državi, ki ima eno četrtino prebivalcev New Yorka. Kakorkoli že, po enem tednu sem bila popolnoma zasvojena. Z mestom, s hrano, s tem, da lahko dobiš praktično karkoli tudi sredi noči in po možnosti za vogalom. Komaj čakam, da se vrnem! :) 

Prvi del fotografij iz New Yorka (definitivno pridejo še ostale) je posvečen hrani, ki je bila velik del tega potovanja. S fantom se namreč navdušujeva nad različno azijsko hrano, ki pa je pri nas pogosto premalo avtentična ali pa predraga. Mislim da se iz fotografij krasno razbere, da sva si dala duška na tem področju, poskusila sva tudi marsikaj drugega. Vsega seveda ni na fotografijah, saj je bila velikokrat lakota prehuda. :)

(ramen - najboljša hrana na svetu, sploh za zimske dni)

(še enkrat ramen - smo šli testirat konkurenco, ampak zgornji zmaga)

(humus - z gobicami, fižolom, tahinijem in čičeriko in najboljši pita kruh!)

(mini baklave - s pistacijami in na tri različne načine, bile so odlične)

(pho - vietnamska juhica, ki je po okusu precej podobna naši goveji)

(spicy tuna rolls - sem obsedena z njimi, in tile so bili najboljši, kar sem jih poskusila)

(sušiii - tu smo bili dvakrat v treh dneh, mislim da to pove vse)

(ebi tempura udon - mislim, da se zdaj že vidi vzorec mojega navdušenja nad azijskimi juhami)

(pork belly udon - zadnja iz zbirke juhic, obljubim)

(za konec pa še en klasičen ameriški zajtrk, odlične palačinke s sadjem in javorjevim sirupom)

Friday, July 11, 2014

DIY: Washi tape box

On Monday I was shopping in BTC and I noticed this cute wooden box in a store called Art. I decided I want it because it seemed perfect for (finally) using some of my washi tapes on it and make it even prettier. In the store it all looked oh so easy, but when I started to tape it I ran into some problems: I had to unscrew the closing mechanism, the top of the box is rounded so I had to cut the tape very precisely and on the third picture you can see that the back of the box is not perfect at all, but I didn't have the patience to make it prettier. :)

All in all, I'm very happy with it and at the moment I'm using the box to store all of my testers in it. And since I have loads of stuff just lying around my room and bathroom I'm thinking of buying some more boxes, because they look so good on a shelf or on a table - and making them is just so much fun.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

New in

Well, some things are new but some are 'old, just never seen on my blog'. :) Anyway, I decided to show you my latest 'makeup and nails' purchases.

1. Catrice - Absolute Bright eyeshadow palette

I actually wanted the nude one, but then I saw this one and thought 'it's just so perfect for spring/summer' and I already have a nude palette from Beauty UK at home (+ I want one from Sleek) it went home with me. It's great as a highlighter or for a simple daytime look. 

2. Makeup Revolution - Good life eyeshadow

It's a beautiful taupe shimmer eyeshadow that is great for highlighting. I got it as a gift with my order on and I'm so glad because it's so pretty and useful.

3. Makeup Revolution - Iconic 3 eyeshadow palette

I won't say much about this one as I think it was mentioned on almost every beauty blog in the last two months. I couldn't decide between Iconic 1 and Iconic 3 but I'm happy I went with this one - the colors are just amazing.

4. Essie - chinchilly & fiji

My first two Essies! Can't say much about them because I haven't tested them properly yet - my nails are in a terrible shape and with all the studying I just can't seem to find the time.

4. Catrice Crushed Crystals - 06 call me princess

5. Deborah - 40 poppy reddish

6. Essence Beach Cruisers - 01 life is a beach wet & dry eyeshadow

7. Essence Viva Brasil - 01 everybody salsa eye & hair mascara

It was just one of those days when I go to DM to buy some water... I was feeling very summery (apparently) and I ended up with a yellow eyeshadow and a green mascara. That's very out of the box for me so I don't know when I'll wear them. But the eyeshadow is very pretty (gold-yellow mix) and the mascara is... well, green (and creepy when used on hair), but it works when you use it over a regular black one.

8. Makeup Revolution Focus & Fix - eye primer original

This is my first eye primer and I'm very satisfied with it. You don't need a lot of it to cover your eyelid because is very liquidy and the eyeshadows stay in place the whole day. It's also very cheap (4 euros on

9. MUA - eyeshadow brush E1

It's nothing special, I bought it because I didn't have enough items in my basket to make an order and this one was only 1.50 euros. It's nowhere near as good as my favorite Eco Tools eyeshadow brush but you can never have enough brushes, right?

10. Essence - 05 soft berry lip liner

I like it, but it's darker than I thought it would be. It will be perfect for fall.

11. Essence - 05 soft blonde eyebrow designer

This is one of my favorites, because it's light enough for my brows.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Empties #2

The second empties post featuring some more basic products I used up.

1. Balea Professional - Glossy Blond Shampoo

I've tried a lot of different shampoos, but I always seem to go back to this one. I just can't find a better one, especially for the price (less than 2 euros). It has blonde color pigments and UV-filter and it keeps my blonde hair shiny and pretty. I also like the conditioner and mask from the same line.

2. Balea Med - Duschgel mit Allantoin

I bought it because my skin often gets irritated by shampoos, shower gels,... and this one is supposed to be very soothing, moisturizing and anti-irritant (because of the allantoin). It was ok, didn't irritate my skin, but it was boring - plain smell, packaging and the 300ml goes a long way! I get sick of the smell very quickly, so that's my problem with all of Balea shower gels.

3. Essence Pure Skin - Anti-shine Pore Refining Serum

It is anti-shine, but it isn't pore refining - at least not with my huge pores. :) A very average product, but I like the mattifying effect and the fact that it sinks in fast. I combine it with my moisturizer, because it dries out my skin a bit when I use it on it's own. I would love to try a really effective pore refining serum/face primer kinda product - I just don't know which one? Any suggestions?

4. Lee Stafford - Poker Straight Shampoo & Conditioner

I wanted to try something different and a bit more expensive than Balea for my hair, so I decided to buy this travel size bottles from Lee Stafford. I must say I wasn't impressed - both products are very average. Way cheaper and just as good if not better is the Glossy Blond shampoo and conditioner from Balea mentioned before. I'm not saying it's a bad product, it just isn't anything special. I do have to admit it did make my hair a bit more straight.

5. L'Angelica - 100% Natural Purifying Fresh Breath Toothpaste

This one is a staple in my bathroom, I've been using it for around 2 years now. I like it very much, it's very fresh and minty. Currently I'm using Sante Mint toothpaste (it's good), but I like this one better, because it has a stronger and fresher taste.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Shower scrubs: Body&Soul, Alverde and Balea

Currently I'm using 3 different shower scrubs and actually, I like them all! I noticed that I seem to gravitate towards fresh, summery scents and yellow/green packaging. :)

1. Body&Soul - Aloe Vera Duschpeeling (with 60% aloe vera, green tea and apricot pits)

It's a great scrub, I already used up one a few years ago and the best thing are the ingredients (it has aloe vera as the first ingredient!) so it's very good for the skin. Very soothing. It also smells nice, it has a very gentle smell (the best out of the three scrubs). You can buy it in Muller for around 4 euros for 200ml. I recommend.

2. Alverde - Cellulite Dusch-Peeling (lemon rosemary)

This one is also very well tested by me, I used up 2 already. It's supposed to help with cellulite - it does have caffeine very high on the ingredients list and also a whole bunch of essential oils, but I won't say if it helps because I'm a firm believer that any scrubbing, exfoliating or massaging is good against cellulite. :) The smell is kinda strong (not my favorite) and I really don't know why they added perfume, limonene and linalool to all those essential oils. You can buy it in DM for around 4 euros for 150ml.

3. Balea - Dusch Peeling (buttermilk & lemon)

The last but not least, this one is from Balea and it's probably the most basic out of the three. It's from a limited edition, so I don't know if you can still buy it, but if you can it's from DM and costs around 2 euros for 200ml. The smell is nice and not too strong, the texture is also good. All three of them have similar texture (you can see it on the photo below) - Alverde is the most gentle and Balea is the roughest (there's a better word, I know, but I can't remember it).

And just to finish in style (with another citrusy smell and yellow packaging) I would also reccomend this shower gel from Alverde because it just smells sooo good, so at least you gotta give it a sniff at the drugstore. :)

Monday, April 14, 2014

My new pencil case

I just spent the last five minutes thinking about the word pencil case and wondering if there's a better word for it in English? Hmm...mostly because mine is not exactly a case but more of a soft pouch. I bought it on this beautiful Slovenian page called LovelyShop (the bags and pouches are so pretty) for only 6 euros (+ 1,65 euros for delivery) and I also got a cupon for 15% discount on my next order.
I like it very much, it works great as a pencil case and it would also be perfect for make up brushes or something similar. The only thing is that I would love if the pouch had a zipper instead of the "button" because I'm afraid that I'll rip the fabric (it's very soft) with day to day opening/closing. But at least now I know that the next one I buy will have a zipper.

Isn't it pretty? :)

Sunday, April 13, 2014


I love reading empties posts, but I never planned on writing one, simply because I usually throw the packaging away when it's empty. But last week I saw all this empty stuff lying on our washing machine (oops) and decided I want to write my first empties post. It's just a bunch of basic products I use on a regular basis.

1. Balea - Creme Seife Meeres-rauschen
So this one is a basic hand soap - it's cheap, but not very moisturising and I got sick of the smell before we used it. I won't buy it again.

2. Balea - Totes Meer Salz Dusche
One of Balea's many shower gels. I usually quite like them but this one irritated my skin and left it feeling dry. I won't buy it again.

3. Balea - Rasier Gel
Shaving gel that transforms into foam. It's cheap, does the job and smells good. Also, it lasted me a long time. I'll buy it again.

4. Dontodent - Mundspülung
A basic mouthwash. I use it occasionally and this one is a regular buy. I'm already using another bottle.

5. Bionsen - Intimo Lenitivo
I'm very satisfied with this intimate shower gel - it's gentle, smells nice and doesn't irritate me (before I used Lactacyd and Jessa, but this one is way better). I already bought another one.

6. CL Deo-Kristall Soft Stick
Both me and my dear are using this for more than 2 years (we both have sensitive skin) and we love it. It's a deodorant in a soft stick form, almost unscented (very subtle) and good for sensitive skin. Before I started using it I had problems with clogged underarm pores (so painful) and this deo helped me 100%.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Simple dinner

No, I'm not dead. :) I know I'm a lazy *beep* when it comes to blogging, but no worries, I have loads of excuses. Firstly, let me just mention the warm weather (coffee in the sun? -yes please, everyday!), then I went to (the beautiful and warm) Tenerife for one week, me and my dear are also renovating our little "balcony" (it's just a small room, because it's a closed balcony, but it will be sooo pretty when it's done - pictures are coming) and last but not least: I have an exam tomorrow (yes, on a Saturday), so I've been a busy bee. :)
Enough with the excuses, let me show you what I cooked for dinner two days ago:

Prawns with eggs, carrots and spring onion


For 2 people: 300g of prawns, 1 large carrot (grated), 3-4 eggs (beaten), 3 spring onions (finely sliced), 2 tbsp of soy sauce, a pinch of chinese 5 spice powder, peanut oil

Heat the peanut oil in a wok, add the grated carrots and half of the spring onions, stir-fry for 1-2 minutes. Add beaten eggs and stir-fry for another minute. Add prawns, soy sauce and chinese 5 spice powder. Stir-fry for around 5 minutes or until the prawns are red. Serve with the rest of the fresh spring onions. :)

This is becoming one of my favorite recipes for dinner. It's just so easy to make and sooo delicious. Also, you can use any vegetable you want (chinese cabbage, mushrooms, ...) and if you're not a fan of soy sauce or exotic spices, a pinch of salt and pepper would work just fine.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Apartment inspiration #2

Here's another post with some apartment inspiration - again from Ikea, so if you like anything, you know where to get it. :) Everything here is also pinned to my boards on Pinterest. 
I think the pots are just so pretty and usable - after you burn the candles you can use them in kitchen for peanuts or for dips. :)

Shoe cabinets with a practical shelf on top - great if you don't have much space in your hallway.

Wall storage for a small bathroom - I love it. :)

I want it - instead of a regular towel hanger this one is much more useful.

Another new product - pastel chairs. Retro-chic. :)

I have a thing for little breakfast/dining corners. :)

Next time I go to Ikea, I really have to check out the plastic containers for make up.

And another useful item for kitchen, bathroom or any room - shelf insert instantly doubles shelf space.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

My kinda Valentine's day

My kinda Valentine's day

I'm not a fan of classic Valentine's day with cutesy and over the top gifts, all the hearts, flowers and I LOVE YOU cards. But after seeing all the posts about Valentine's day I just had to do it too. :) I don't know yet if I'm gonna do anything on Friday, but in case I do - here's the plan. My Valentine's day will be simple: good food, good alcohol and a few details. I'm planning to do sushi for quite some time now and I think it's a perfect food for a romantic dinner for two. A very simple, but beautiful dessert is a cupcake/muffin with strawberries. As for the drinks, sparkling rosé is one of my favorites and also very day appropriate (maybe not Moët, haha). With the Valentine's day themed details I wouldn't go too far; something very subtle like rose (or red) lipstick, nail polish and a sweet/floral perfume. If I have to choose a gift for me, it would be a book. :)

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Makeup essentials

Me and makeup - we just don't mix. At least not on a daily basis. I usually put on some makeup for special occasions or when I have some spare time on my hands. Even then my makeup is normally very natural looking. If I feel brave, I use some black eyeliner and black eye shadow for "party time makeup" but that's not often. Since I got my new big Ray Ban glasses I use darker makeup more, because I think big glasses need "big makeup". :) But today I'm showing you products that I use the most. I like them all, but I'm looking for a new brown kajal pencil, new favorite lipgloss/lipstick and a fancier eye shadow palette.

1. Bourjois healthy balance unifying powder in 52 Vanille; 2. Everyday Minerals carnauba concealer in Fair (in the summer I combine it with Medium); 3. Beauty UK eye shadow palette no. 4 - Earth Child (I use the four brown shades in the middle); 4. Essence I <3 Extreme crazy volume mascara; 5. Essence Rebels soft matte lipgloss in 01 Mauve like a rockstar (I have to throw it away cause it's old, but I love it!) ; 6. S-he stylezone khol kajal pencil in 004 (nothing special, I need a better one); 7. Catrice defining blush in 020 Rose Royce

Here are the swatches of the lipgloss and the blush - the only two "not nude, brown or black" products I use. Photo was taken in natural daylight (as much as we have it here in rainy Ljubljana). :)

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

My favorite perfumes

My favorite perfumes

Just a quick post about my favorite perfumes. I'm currenty using four and I love them all. 1. Valentina by Valentino; 2. Cool Water by Davidoff; 3. Hypnotic Poison by Dior; 4. Lolita Lempicka by Lolita Lempicka. I'm no good at describing perfumes but I can tell you that I love sweet scents, the only exception here is Cool Water by Davidoff which is very fresh and summery. 

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

January shopping

January is the month of? Studying? No, it's the month of winter sales! And it's also the month I got my very first credit card. So yeah, nothing good for my wallet - but a lot of goodies for me. ;) I was trying to hold back and just buy the essentials, the dress on the right was a gift and the Konad set on the left also. I needed new Converse sneakers because the old ones are falling apart (now I have 3 pairs and I really need to say goodbye to one of them), phone case was a must since I have a new phone and the pants - well I needed new skinny jeans and I wanted the Superdry joggers for ages!

The photo is BAD. The dress is very pretty, my dear bought it for me in Mango. Summer, here I come! Actually is for our vacation in March and I can't wait to wear it.

I finally got them! I was looking for them in NAMA, but they never had the right colour or size; I also went in Forma+, but at that time I wanted the pink ones and then last week we went to Graz and I decided for the blue ones, beacause they go great with my new Converse All Stars.

Plain grey jeans from New Yorker. I never find anything good in New Yorker, but I love their jeans - it's cheap and it fits me.

Another plain jeans in army green - they were just 10 euros. :)

My new peachy Converse All Stars. I always buy them on sales - I got these in Intersport for 40 euros.

Entry island is from the Book Depository - I wanted to test out my credit card and this book was a great deal (hardcover, 500 pages for 10 euros) and I love the storyline. The second one is from Felix (I'm kinda collecting Minette Walters books - now I have 5!). And the last one is lined hardcover notebook.

Here's my first purchase from Ebay. It's a silicone case for HTC Desire X - I couldn't find anything pretty and cheap here in Slovenia and I was starting to get frustrated, but then I found this one for less than 4 euros (postage was 40 cents!) and now I love Ebay! ;)

Last but not least. This was a gift from my mom. I ordered it on Lič, they had a great offer - I got all of this for 15 euros and I really wanted to try Konad (it's so simple!).