Wednesday, January 29, 2014

January shopping

January is the month of? Studying? No, it's the month of winter sales! And it's also the month I got my very first credit card. So yeah, nothing good for my wallet - but a lot of goodies for me. ;) I was trying to hold back and just buy the essentials, the dress on the right was a gift and the Konad set on the left also. I needed new Converse sneakers because the old ones are falling apart (now I have 3 pairs and I really need to say goodbye to one of them), phone case was a must since I have a new phone and the pants - well I needed new skinny jeans and I wanted the Superdry joggers for ages!

The photo is BAD. The dress is very pretty, my dear bought it for me in Mango. Summer, here I come! Actually is for our vacation in March and I can't wait to wear it.

I finally got them! I was looking for them in NAMA, but they never had the right colour or size; I also went in Forma+, but at that time I wanted the pink ones and then last week we went to Graz and I decided for the blue ones, beacause they go great with my new Converse All Stars.

Plain grey jeans from New Yorker. I never find anything good in New Yorker, but I love their jeans - it's cheap and it fits me.

Another plain jeans in army green - they were just 10 euros. :)

My new peachy Converse All Stars. I always buy them on sales - I got these in Intersport for 40 euros.

Entry island is from the Book Depository - I wanted to test out my credit card and this book was a great deal (hardcover, 500 pages for 10 euros) and I love the storyline. The second one is from Felix (I'm kinda collecting Minette Walters books - now I have 5!). And the last one is lined hardcover notebook.

Here's my first purchase from Ebay. It's a silicone case for HTC Desire X - I couldn't find anything pretty and cheap here in Slovenia and I was starting to get frustrated, but then I found this one for less than 4 euros (postage was 40 cents!) and now I love Ebay! ;)

Last but not least. This was a gift from my mom. I ordered it on Lič, they had a great offer - I got all of this for 15 euros and I really wanted to try Konad (it's so simple!).

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Healthy dinner

Healthy dinner and I don't usually go together. So maybe that's why I wanted to share this with you. Last week we (me and my dear) had one of ours "let's start eating healthy days" and we tried to make millet porridge with apples and raisins. It was good, though it doesn't look good. ;) The recipe is simple and a great substitute for my usual "something on bread dinner".

Recipe: Boil the water (you can also use milk) and add millet, cinnamon, vanilla sugar and raisins. Grate the apples. When the millet is cooked mix it with grated apples. Top it with some agave syrup and cinnamon. That's it. :)

Sunday, January 19, 2014


Some time ago I was really into baking muffins. I never knew how simple it was, until I tried to make them for the first time. I found this simple recipe, where you just mix everything together and add your favourite fruits and chocolate or whatever you want. I also made my first salty muffins which are great for heating up in microwave for a quick snack. Lately I don't bake as much and I really miss it - it's so relaxing, it only takes me about half an hour to make muffins and voila - breakfast for the next day is here. I don't have much more to say, this post was for yummy pictures purposes only, so here they are. :)

Cocoa muffins with chocolate and banana.

Sour cherry muffins with chocolate and banana muffins with chocolate.

The chocolate looks weird but it was good! ;)

Plain banana muffins - very light and great for breakfast.

"Pizza" muffins - bacon, goat cheese and onion.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Apartment inspiration

I really enjoy wasting my time looking at pins from Ikea on Pinterest. I follow Ikea Italia, UK, USA, Sweden...I'm obsessed. The thing is that I used to drool over loads of other stuff on Pinterest, but when I do that with Ikea photos I can actually buy some things. :) Here's a few of my latest pins from Ikea:

I would love to have a breakfast corner like that.

Why did I buy a black desk?!

I love the plastic compartments.

Something like that will be perfect for the balcony storage.

I would love to have it over my desk.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Dm haul

I plan to do a review on Mixa products soon, but for now just a quick word about the stuff I bought. 1. Mixa Cleansing Micellar Water is nice, does the job, it is not irritating and the packaging is great. 2. Mixa Balancing Cream is NOT for sensitive skin, I used it once and it irritated my skin a little - then I looked at the ingredients more closely and there it is: alcohol denat. way too soon on the list (you can also smell it). 3. Balea Anti-spliss Serum is my favourite hair care product - I use it for a few years now. 4. Ebelin 40 Maxi-Pads - basic and useful.


I do have a little obsession. I buy cheap books. There is this voice inside my head saying: " It's only 3 euros, that's less than a fashion magazine. You HAVE to buy it." (btw, that voice also present when I see cheap cosmetics, clothes, shoes ...) So yes, that's my thing. The second "problem" is that when I have a new book at home I have to read it - and nothing will stop me. No exams, homeworks or laundry. :) So I invented this rule that allows me to buy only one book each month and I do try to stick to it. I wanted to show you my collection on my "headboard book shelf". I love our bed, by the way. The headboard is excellent if you don't have space for a real bedside table.

My "headboard nightstand".
I think I need a bigger one. :)


Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Last year we visited Vienna twice. Once in summer (July) and then again in October. I wanted to show you some photos - they are crappy like always when I go somewhere. I always say next time I'll take loads of photos and they will be beautiful. But they never are. :) I am not much of a photographer (but I sure think I am). Haha. So off to the photos. Not for those who like watching tourist sights, it was more of a culinary journey / let's wander around kinda trip.

 On the road.

My lunch in a vietnamese restaurant. It was good, noodles in a spicy "soup", lots of veggies, spring rolls and some crunchy pork.

 We saw loads of asian markets, where you can get pretty much anything.

And of course I had to have my favourite ice shaken green tea in Stabucks.

 Midnight snack on the street - lucky noodles.

Exhibition we saw.

I already wrote about THE CUPCAKES! :)

The amazing sushi we had at Kojiro.

The view from the 5th floor of our hostel (Wombats on the Naschmarkt).

The best falafel in town.

And it is the best! ;)

Again sushi + tempura.

Don't know why, but I was fascinated by that building.