Thursday, January 9, 2014


I do have a little obsession. I buy cheap books. There is this voice inside my head saying: " It's only 3 euros, that's less than a fashion magazine. You HAVE to buy it." (btw, that voice also present when I see cheap cosmetics, clothes, shoes ...) So yes, that's my thing. The second "problem" is that when I have a new book at home I have to read it - and nothing will stop me. No exams, homeworks or laundry. :) So I invented this rule that allows me to buy only one book each month and I do try to stick to it. I wanted to show you my collection on my "headboard book shelf". I love our bed, by the way. The headboard is excellent if you don't have space for a real bedside table.

My "headboard nightstand".
I think I need a bigger one. :)


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