Sunday, January 19, 2014


Some time ago I was really into baking muffins. I never knew how simple it was, until I tried to make them for the first time. I found this simple recipe, where you just mix everything together and add your favourite fruits and chocolate or whatever you want. I also made my first salty muffins which are great for heating up in microwave for a quick snack. Lately I don't bake as much and I really miss it - it's so relaxing, it only takes me about half an hour to make muffins and voila - breakfast for the next day is here. I don't have much more to say, this post was for yummy pictures purposes only, so here they are. :)

Cocoa muffins with chocolate and banana.

Sour cherry muffins with chocolate and banana muffins with chocolate.

The chocolate looks weird but it was good! ;)

Plain banana muffins - very light and great for breakfast.

"Pizza" muffins - bacon, goat cheese and onion.

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