Wednesday, January 29, 2014

January shopping

January is the month of? Studying? No, it's the month of winter sales! And it's also the month I got my very first credit card. So yeah, nothing good for my wallet - but a lot of goodies for me. ;) I was trying to hold back and just buy the essentials, the dress on the right was a gift and the Konad set on the left also. I needed new Converse sneakers because the old ones are falling apart (now I have 3 pairs and I really need to say goodbye to one of them), phone case was a must since I have a new phone and the pants - well I needed new skinny jeans and I wanted the Superdry joggers for ages!

The photo is BAD. The dress is very pretty, my dear bought it for me in Mango. Summer, here I come! Actually is for our vacation in March and I can't wait to wear it.

I finally got them! I was looking for them in NAMA, but they never had the right colour or size; I also went in Forma+, but at that time I wanted the pink ones and then last week we went to Graz and I decided for the blue ones, beacause they go great with my new Converse All Stars.

Plain grey jeans from New Yorker. I never find anything good in New Yorker, but I love their jeans - it's cheap and it fits me.

Another plain jeans in army green - they were just 10 euros. :)

My new peachy Converse All Stars. I always buy them on sales - I got these in Intersport for 40 euros.

Entry island is from the Book Depository - I wanted to test out my credit card and this book was a great deal (hardcover, 500 pages for 10 euros) and I love the storyline. The second one is from Felix (I'm kinda collecting Minette Walters books - now I have 5!). And the last one is lined hardcover notebook.

Here's my first purchase from Ebay. It's a silicone case for HTC Desire X - I couldn't find anything pretty and cheap here in Slovenia and I was starting to get frustrated, but then I found this one for less than 4 euros (postage was 40 cents!) and now I love Ebay! ;)

Last but not least. This was a gift from my mom. I ordered it on Lič, they had a great offer - I got all of this for 15 euros and I really wanted to try Konad (it's so simple!).