Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Shower scrubs: Body&Soul, Alverde and Balea

Currently I'm using 3 different shower scrubs and actually, I like them all! I noticed that I seem to gravitate towards fresh, summery scents and yellow/green packaging. :)

1. Body&Soul - Aloe Vera Duschpeeling (with 60% aloe vera, green tea and apricot pits)

It's a great scrub, I already used up one a few years ago and the best thing are the ingredients (it has aloe vera as the first ingredient!) so it's very good for the skin. Very soothing. It also smells nice, it has a very gentle smell (the best out of the three scrubs). You can buy it in Muller for around 4 euros for 200ml. I recommend.

2. Alverde - Cellulite Dusch-Peeling (lemon rosemary)

This one is also very well tested by me, I used up 2 already. It's supposed to help with cellulite - it does have caffeine very high on the ingredients list and also a whole bunch of essential oils, but I won't say if it helps because I'm a firm believer that any scrubbing, exfoliating or massaging is good against cellulite. :) The smell is kinda strong (not my favorite) and I really don't know why they added perfume, limonene and linalool to all those essential oils. You can buy it in DM for around 4 euros for 150ml.

3. Balea - Dusch Peeling (buttermilk & lemon)

The last but not least, this one is from Balea and it's probably the most basic out of the three. It's from a limited edition, so I don't know if you can still buy it, but if you can it's from DM and costs around 2 euros for 200ml. The smell is nice and not too strong, the texture is also good. All three of them have similar texture (you can see it on the photo below) - Alverde is the most gentle and Balea is the roughest (there's a better word, I know, but I can't remember it).

And just to finish in style (with another citrusy smell and yellow packaging) I would also reccomend this shower gel from Alverde because it just smells sooo good, so at least you gotta give it a sniff at the drugstore. :)


  1. mam tega drugega in je res fajn, tudi vonj mi je prijeten. :)
    se pa super slišita tudi ostala dva (prvi zaradi Aloe Vere in drugi zaradi bolj grobega efekta) in čisto možno, da ju preizkusim. :) ampak moram prej nekaj ostalih pilingov porabit. :)
    drugače pa sta meni super tudi Afroditin sladkorni piling in Garnier, ki je šele pred kratkim prišel na drogerijske poličke. :)
    pa ne bi blo slabo, če bi kdaj preverila Alverdine gele za tuširanje, ker tudi berem pohvale..ampak spet - moram porabit svoje zaloge. :D

    1. Hvala za komentar. :)
      Sem slišala za tega od Afrodite (moram enkrat it firbcat, ampak dokler vsaj enega ne porabim ne smem), Garnierjevega pa zdaj vse hvalite in me tudi mika - ampak ja, si ne dovolim imet več kot treh naenkrat. ;)